Meet our team of volunteer presenters

Alan Boardman - Presenter and Trustee

Joined hospital radio in November 2013

I am also known as the Laughing Gnome.  His shows are usually Tuesday afternoon with Stephen Barr and Saturday morning with his wife Carole.  

Phil Ashcroft - Sports Commentator

Phil is our longest serving member with a vast range of broadcast exerience having presented programmes from the studio. He now commentates on Wigan Warriors and Wigan Athletic games.

Stephen Barr - Presenter

Stephen WWL Radio joined in 2012 after volunteering at Whiston Hospital in the mid 80s.  He has a wide taste in music ranging from Classical to Symphonic Metal.  He co-presents The Time Warp Chart Show on Tuesday afternoons looking back at the charts of different years or weeks in each show.

Carole Boardman - Presenter and Committee Member

Carole joined hospital radio a few months after her husband and presents programmes with him.

Dave Butler - Presenter

Dave joined us in 2019 and is our resident midlander and Wolves supporter.

A former member of the Forces he was a presenter with the Forces Radio Service so comes with a wealth of experience. 

Alan Chambers - Presenter

Alan joined us in 2016 and presents his show on Saturday mornings

Steve Christie - Studio Engineer and Presenter

Steve started with Radio Metro (Leigh Hospital Radio) in 1983 and joined us when the station closed.  He has been a producer for BBC local radio and is our expert on all things to do with broadcast technology.

Brian Croft - Presenter

Originally with Metro Sounds Radio at Leigh Infirmary, before moving to Wrightington Hospital Radio in 2009.

I am currently presenting a live show on Friday mornings "Hits through the years", playing music from the 60's to date with music trivia, events of the day from yesteryear, celebrity birthdays etc and encourage listeners to make requests.

I originally joined the radio station because of my interest in music and my experiences as a DJ for many years, which is still continuing on a limited basis. My favourite music is from the disco era of the 1970's, although I do like a wide range of music.

I am looking forward to continuing into our new era with WWL Radio.

Carol Croft - Presenter

Carol joined us in 2018 and sees her role as assisting her husband Brian on his Friday morning show "Hits through the years". She has been interested in music for as long as she can remember. She particularly prefers the music of the1970's, when music was at its best and so much more diverse (her words).

John Fenton - Presenter & Trustee

John came to us in 2018 with a wealth of experience as a DJ and radio presenter.

Simon Fletcher - Presenter

Simon joined us in 2016 presenting his music programme on Friday evenings.

Diane Louise Herring - Presenter, Trustee and Chair

Diane joined us in 2008 with lots of experience as a DJ and in radio as a producer and presenter on local radio.

Martin Morris - Presenter and Trustee

Martin joined us in 2013 after a career in the Armed Forces where he was a presenter on the Forces Radio Network.  While serving in Bosnia in 1994 for the UN he organised a concert featuring Bruce Dickinson - Scream for Me Sarajevo.

Kevin Riley - Presenter, Sports Commentator, Secretary and Trustee.

Kevin joined Hospital Radio by accident in the early 1990s when he was asked to join the then commentator for Wigan Rugby League, Harry Carey.
In 1999, he joined Mike Carrington covering Wigan Athletic as well as Wigan Warriors.
His regular show, The Tracks That I Have Grown Up With, is on Tuesday mornings from 10.00am to 12.00 noon and features tracks from the 1940s through to the present day. He says this is because he is still trying to grow up.

Margaret Riley - Presenter

Margaret joined in 2015.  With a real interest in Classical Music and especially light Classical, Margaret presents Classical Moods on Sunday and Friday afternoons and can be heard on Monday from midnight to 3am.

Chris Risley - Presenter, Treasurer and Trustee

Chris became a member in 2004, hosting regular programmes and acting as anchor for the live sports programmes.  He does not get as much opportunity to present at the moment but is very active for the station.

Veronika Stevens - Presenter

Veronika joined in 2012 having visited the studio just to have a look.  She was hooked, stayed and presents programmes.

Veronika is also heavily involved with other roles at the Trust and was a Governor.

Stephen Unsworth - Presenter

Stephen joined in 2017 and likes to be known as Jack when doing his programmes.

Mark Dowding - Presenter

Mark recently joined WWL Radio and comes with a wealth of knowledge of the folk scene.

He present Tuesday Folk on Tuesday evening.

Russell Parry - Presenter

Russell has just recently joined WWL Radio.


Photograph to follow