Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

WWL RADIO broadcasts to the hospitals in the Wrightington Wigan & Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 

To find out more about: the hospitals in the Trust, the sites, how to get to them, Patient Services, Patient Information etc.  click on the image to the left or use the link

The Hospital Broadcasting Association

WWL RADIO is a member of the HBA.  For more information about the HBA click on the image to the left or the link is

North West Air Ambulance is a lifesaving charity funded solely by donations and the support of the public.

It needs £9.5m per year to keep the service going.  They raise money through donations or from supporters taking part in their Lift Off Lottery.

For more information abiut the charity and how you could support them go to their website.

North West Air Ambulance Charity

Epic Hope

Epic Hope is a charity for anyone who is feeling suicidal, or lives with suicidal issues in their circle of influence, to know how to look after their mental health, be able to access necessary resources, and share their story without judgment.

Their Mission :

To provide a way for any person to make an impact in their community by being able to identify people who are feeling suicidal, and to provide a safe place in the community for anyone and everyone to feel they can open up, share their story, and feel cared for, without judgment.

To develop and share fellowship, familiarity and contacts for anyone struggling with suicidal issues, whether personally or in their circle of influence, in the community.