How To Become A Volunteer With Us

If you are interested in joining the WWL Radio team then maybe this might help, it could lead you into a whole new and very interesting pastime.


What do we try to achieve

WWL Radio is a charitable organisation, dedicated to supplying a radio service for the benefit and well-being of the in-patients of the hospitals we serve, for their families, friends and wider community.


We aim to broadcast every day of the week, with live programmes during the day and evening and at other times we will provide recorded broadcasts.



At present we only have one role available.

Presenters plan and present our regular programmes.  We aim to provide a range of programmes including, different music styles and genres, speech, interviews and information.  We are looking to extend the range of programmes. 



We aim to provide the best possible quality of broadcasting.  This is achieved through training and all volunteers will be expected to undergo a period of training, whatever their previous experience.  We have a planned schedule of training but the time taken to become a presenter will vary depending on your time commitment and ability to pick up the skills.  On average it takes about three months but it is important point out that not everyone makes it as a presenter.


Outside Broadcasts and Roadshows

Being part of the wider community and getting out and about is both interesting for us and also for the listeners.  We provide live coverage of all home games for both Wigan Warriors and Wigan Athletic.  We also cover local events including Christmas Carol Services and others.  We provide equipment and expertise for Roadshows and can be booked to provide these services for events such Town or Village Fairs.



We are responsible for our own fundraising.  Members are asked to help with, and support, events to raise funds, which are needed to keep the Studio running.



You will need to think carefully before finally committing to volunteer.  Each member will spend around three hours per week at the studio, some more than that.  We would expect a commitment to remain with us for two years after your training is complete.


Still interested then

email us on


and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.